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Headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian, H.J. Heinz was founded in America in 1869 and has 142 years history as the world leading food company. With ownership of more than 150 number one and number two brands in over 200 major locations worldwide, H.J. Heinz has the annual sales of more than USD 10 billion. Today H.J. Heinz Company comprises three major categories of products: ketchup & sauces (including soy sauce), meals & snacks (including frozen meals, entrees and appetizers) and Infant food/nutrition.

Heinz United Food Enterprise Ltd (Heinz-UFE) was established in Guangzhou in 1984. It is the first joint venture that produces baby nutrition supplementary food, which made a breakthrough in the domestic market of infant nutrition food. Heinz's infant food is a market leader in China and product portfolio includes Cereal, Infant Milk Formula, Juice & Paste, and Colostrum etc.About Us

In 1999 Heinz (Qingdao) Food Company Ltd was founded to produce infant jar foods, as well as to produce and sell more than 20 categories of Heinz western sauces which are frequently used in western restaurants. Besides Heinz ketchup, Heinz western sauces include famous Heinz baked bean, Heinz white vinegar and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce.

In 2002, Heinz acquired three state own enterprises to set up Heinz (China) Sauces and Condiments Company Ltd. This step has marked a new era for Heinz to march into the sauces and condiments industry in China.

In 2004, Shanghai Long Fong Food Company Ltd joined Heinz family. "Long Fong" has grown to a well-known leading brand in the fast frozen food industry in China. Its products cover eight major categories including dumpling, rice ball, dim sum, hot pot base, etc.

In 2010, Heinz completed the acquisition of Foodstar, a leading manufacturer of premium soy sauces and fermented bean curd, which substantially enlarged Heinz's investment in sauces and condiments industry in China.

Nowadays Heinz China has some 10,000 employees and twelve factories across mainland China, our business comprises Chinese & Western Sauces and Frozen Meals, owning some famous brands such as 'Heinz', 'Lea & Perrins', 'Mei Weiyuan', 'Longfong', 'Foodstar', 'Master' and 'Guanghe'.