PageOutsourcing, the recently-launched fourth brand of PageGroup provides a unique hybrid that answers some of the burning issues of recruitment outsourcing, in a formula designed for today’s market and customer. To find out more, our Regional Director for PageOutsourcing, Jon Goldstein dishes advice on how to tackle the hardest problems faced when hiring for volume.

How would you describe RPO to a layman?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. The RPO provider has the choice to either use the company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting, or use its own resources. In short, an RPO provider assumes ownership of design and management of the recruitment process.

What is the so-called pure RPO model?

A classic RPO offering sees a long-term commitment by the RPO provider: at no less than one year, and typically two-to-three years. It is fully outsourced, with all recruitment functions outsourced: and the outsourced team manages end-to-end recruitment solutions for some or all roles across their business.

Usually, large scale RPO models will outsource some recruitment to other recruitment agencies. Moreover, in very larger projects, they will contract-hire recruiters and project managers for the duration of the project only. As a result, these individuals typically do not possess the full training of full-time employees.

How does the PageOutsourcing approach the RPO challenge differently?

PageOutsourcing is a unique hybrid that our research shows is best suited to the market realities we see today in the Asia region. As such, we do not engage in a full one-to-three year RPO model: we want to keep all the sourcing and recruitment in-house to preserve quality. Our hybrid model offers clients the flexibility to use our services only when needed. Instead of being fully entrenched in their HR team; we are simply a recruiting support function, which the client can turn-on or turn-off at their discretion.

Describe the customer benefit of having the PageGroup engine working in tandem with them?

First of all, it’s about quality of sourcing and hiring. Page Outsourcing does not outsource any of the sourcing, recruitment or resource functions to third-party companies. We utilise PageGroup’s three core recruitment brands: Page Personnel, Michael Page and Page Executive. This allows us to maintain consistency and integrity during the recruitment process.

Secondly, you get better regional collaboration, communication and transparency. Our Asia reach is currently 12 countries and 26 APAC offices, and growing. And third, our centralised communication and reporting structure allows consistency and collaboration.

If clients have a project in multiple geographic locations, our widespread network of PageOutsourcing team members will form a team, collaborate, then plan accordingly. The result is a seamless process. Plus, the engine you refer to has some serious reach: our unified database consists of over 30 years of data and recruitment experience in APAC.

What does the approach to a project typically look like?

First, we assign you an account manager to understand your core business needs and anticipate future workforce changes. Next we define project outcomes, recruitment process, and ideal profiles, to align and meet business expectations. Then we’ll create a project plan that’s tailored to your needs with delivery dates, committed timelines and full reporting accountabilities to you.

We will then source, screen and shortlist candidates: sourcing the best possible matches using our industry-leading database, with targeted advertising solutions. We screen suitable candidates, and ultimately, shortlist potential employees for hire.

Describe a recent project win, and how PageOutsorucing added value?

A large MNC pharmaceutical company approached us to hire more than 80 biotechnologists for their new manufacturing facility. Given the challenge was to recruit from Singapore, India, China, Taiwan and Malaysia, we engaged our APAC Digital Marketing teams to build an acquisition strategy to attract active and passive candidates; while our Healthcare and Life Sciences consultants carried out the recruitment operations. Thanks to targeted advertising, strong digital platforms and centralised accounts and project management, we beat our KPIs by an impressive margin of 40%.

What’s the best way to move the process forward?

PageOutsourcing utilises PageGroup’s core capabilities and delivers with the same consistency, integrity and quality of our core brands Michael Page, Page Personnel and Page Executive. The best proof of this is to discuss with us some of the other wins we’ve already had in the region: specific case studies can really set the above ideas into to motion.


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