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Suzhou Job Searching

Despite recent concern around China’s growth, the country’s economy remains resilient. In the recent 2016 Michael Page Greater China Employee Intentions Report, 44% of professionals across China described the current job market as average, and 36% called it good or very good—showing that across the country, there is a cautious optimism towards job opportunities.

The survey also showed 33% of employees1 expect a salary increase of above 21% when changing jobs. In Suzhou, several key industries are reporting continued salary increases, particularly in the supply chain and procurement sector, where salaries have been increasing by 5-6%2 in recent years.

Salary increases are also being reported in manufacturing, where management-level employees are likely to receive a 5-10% salary increase3, even as traditional manufacturing companies or processes continues to be replaced by ‘lean’ manufacturing firms.


Suzhou job market

Currently, the key market to watch is the manufacturing industry— this includes the IT manufacturing, electronics, chemical and automotive businesses. Professionals with strong communication skills who can contribute to growth are in high demand—especially those with proficiency in English.

With its major port, Suzhou is also a key location for job seekers looking for roles in import and export. Companies are seeking multi-skilled employees with international transportation and logistics experience.

Experienced, versatile professionals in Suzhou will be in a strong position to find jobs. In particular, Suzhou employers are looking for professionals who can bring in new business. With the economy continuing to expand, many companies are growing quickly and require skilled job seekers to help them reach their targets and goals for expansion.


Suzhou job search advice

If you’re job seeking in Suzhou, no matter what your industry or role type, here are our top tips for securing an offer:

  • Review your resume, making sure it includes your work experience and lists your key skills and experience, has no errors and is clearly laid out.


  • Research the Suzhou job market and know the general market salary so that you are confident you’re getting paid what you’re worth.


  • Speak to a recruitment consultant to find out what firms are hiring and what your skills might be worth in the current job market.


  • Before attending the interview, thoroughly research the company on their website and LinkedIn to ensure that you know their business and the roles of the people who are interviewing you.


  • Prepare a list of questions to ask during the interview that shows that you’ve researched the business, its challenges and the overall industry thoroughly. Show interest in the role by asking questions about responsibilities and tasks.


Before accepting a job offer, consider what matters to you in a role (for instance, opportunities for in the future, good pay, cultural fit, opportunities for networking or work life balance).




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