Technological breakthroughs, policy shifts, and sectoral advancements continuously influence organizations in today’s dynamic business climate. This evolving landscape presents C-suite leaders with the formidable task of anticipating change and crafting visionary strategies to propel growth.

On Oct 26th, Page Executive hosted an exclusive webinar featuring Anthony Thompson, CEO of Page Executive, along with our esteemed panel of executive recruitment specialists. This session was dedicated to unveiling the most current industry trends and providing critical insights across various sectors.

Our objective is to furnish contemporary leaders with transformative outlooks that foster innovative and strategic thinking, guiding their organizations and personal career paths toward new frontiers. Below, we present key takeaways from Sara Liu, Partner at Page Executive.

Sara discussed how Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) can tackle challenges in the post-pandemic era. In the past 12 months, PageGroup placed 268 middle- to senior-level HR roles, among which more than 20 are successful CHRO positions, mainly in high-tech, medical and consumer sectors, and 40% are in local companies.

Sara has observed that companies will be more cautious when hiring and take more time to make decisions. Cost efficiency has emerged as the prevailing theme, necessitating that CHROs increasingly exhibit advanced soft skills. The current climate favors seasoned executives whose proven expertise aligns closely with organisational needs, positioning them as invaluable assets for addressing immediate challenges.

She shared that very few executives change jobs right now, and industry change is a crucial factor for career change. For example, some CHROs have transitioned from the real estate industry into the consumer and healthcare sectors, from industrial manufacturing into the new energy and life science sectors, or from the internet into the hard technology sector.

Meanwhile, companies no longer adhere to conventions but seek breakthroughs in business and innovative paths for development. It is a good time for them to drive structure optimisation and talent iteration, diversify the business, and seek the best opportunity.

Sara also shared the core competencies a successful CHRO needs to master. CHROs need to have a CEO business perspective, think from the CEO’s standpoint, and address people’s issues based on business pain points. It is also necessary for them to optimise or rebuild business systems and teams based on business changes and goals.

Knowing how to retain and cultivate talent is also a must. A qualified CHRO should be humble and proactive and have both strategic mindsets and execution abilities.

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