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Jobs in Shenzhen

Despite recent concern around China’s growth, the country’s economy remains resilient. In the recent 2016 Michael Page Greater China Employee Intentions Report, 44% of professionals across China described the current job market as average, and 36% called it good or very good—showing that across the country, there is a cautious optimism towards job opportunities.

In Shenzhen, demand for talent in the technology and financial services industries continues to outstrip supply, so those with relevant skills can afford to hold out for top job offers and salaries. A number of Chinese digital, technology and e-commerce brands are headquartered in Shenzhen, so that sector provides many opportunities for talented candidates.

The survey also showed 33% of employees1 expect a salary increase of above 21% when changing jobs, and were in the job market looking for career progression. Shenzhen professionals also expect additional incentives such as housing and medical benefits or stock options.  

The Shenzhen job market

As manufacturing businesses continue to move further inland, offshore or to South East Asia, Shenzhen’s more traditional industries are changing. However, given its position, infrastructure and easy access to engineering talent, highly automated industries have elected to remain in the city.

With the Shenzhen government’s continued support for high-tech industries, sales professionals are currently highly sought after, with increased demand for B2C and B2B sales professionals across electronics hardware, IT solutions and telecommunications businesses.

Experienced, versatile professionals in Shenzhen will be in a strong position to find jobs, with employers seeking the best candidates to step in and help grow the business. With the economy continuing to expand, many companies are growing quickly and require skilled employees to help them reach their targets and goals for expansion.


Shenzhen job search advice

We’ve compiled our top tips and recruitment information for job seekers in Shenzhen:

  • Your resume must be error-free and clearly outline your work history and skills.


  • Take a look at the salary industry rates for your role in Shenzhen. You’ll want to be sure companies are paying competitive salaries before accepting a job offer.


  • Ask a recruitment consultant for advice on which companies and industries are hiring people with your skills.


  • Before attending the interview, familiarise yourself with the company. Their website and social media pages typically have plenty of information.


  • Come prepared for the interview with a list of questions about the company. Not only will this help you stay informed, but it will also show your interest.


  • Before accepting a job offer, consider whether the job is a good fit culturally, offers a strong work/life balance, and will bring you general satisfaction.




1. Based on the Michael Page 2016 Greater China Employee Intentions Report