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Jobs in Shanghai

Despite recent concern around China’s growth, the country’s economy remains resilient. In the recent 2016 Michael Page Greater China Employee Intentions Report, 44% of professionals across China described the current job market as average, and 36% called it good or very good—showing that across the country, there is a cautious optimism towards job opportunities.

Although the Shanghai market is uncertain, leading some multinationals to curb their hiring, this has created opportunity for local firms to win strong new talent—particularly those in the e-commerce, technology and financial sectors. This trend is reflected across the country, given that 57% of domestic firms has informed that they intend to increase headcount this year1.  

Our survey also showed that 33% of employees2 across China expected a salary increase of above 21% when changing jobs. Shanghai salaries have continued to increase despite some economic softening. However, salary isn’t the only driving force behind switching jobs in Shanghai’s legal sector, corporate lawyers are now moving in-house to achieve better work-life balance.


The Shanghai job market

The booming digital and e-commerce space in Shanghai is starting to edge out the traditional retail market, with innovation behind the expansion of many firms. Meanwhile, demand for sales and commercial staff continues to be high. Local firms are showing aggressive growth, and are currently looking to recruit top candidates from MNCs.

Experienced, versatile professionals in Shanghai will be in a strong position to find jobs, with employers seeking the best candidates to step in and help grow the business. Bilingual candidates are currently in strong demand—especially those with a finance background. With the economy continuing to expand, many companies are growing quickly and require skilled employees to help them reach their goals for expansion.


Shanghai job search advice

If you’re job seeking in Shanghai, follow our tips to help advance your career, no matter what sector you work in:


  • Your resume gets your foot in the door, so it must be up to date with your skills and a detailed work history.


  • Research current salary rates for your role as you are exploring Shanghai job opportunities. Be sure any company you consider is offering competitive rates.


  • You’ll feel more confident in the interview if you’ve researched the company. Visit to their website and social media pages, particularly LinkedIn.


  • Talk to a recruiter to get the best advice on jobs listings, your salary expectations and the current market for your skills.


  • Jot down a list of questions you can ask during the interview to show you’ve done your research and are engaged. This will set you apart from other candidates.


  • Consider what matters to you in a role (for instance, opportunities in the future, good pay, cultural fit, opportunities for networking or work-life balance). This should play a big part in any final decisions you make.




1. Based on the Michael Page 2016 Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook Report
2. Based on the Michael Page 2016 Greater China Employee Intentions Report