Technological breakthroughs, policy shifts, and sectoral advancements continuously influence organizations in today’s dynamic business climate. This evolving landscape presents C-suite leaders with the formidable task of anticipating change and crafting visionary strategies to propel growth.

On Oct 26th, Page Executive hosted an exclusive webinar featuring Anthony Thompson, CEO of Page Executive, along with our esteemed panel of executive recruitment specialists. This session was dedicated to unveiling the most current industry trends and providing critical insights across various sectors.

Our objective is to furnish contemporary leaders with transformative outlooks that foster innovative and strategic thinking, guiding their organizations and personal career paths toward new frontiers. Below, we present key takeaways from Page Executive CEO Anthony Thompson. 

Anthony Thompson, CEO of Page Executive, shared his observation about executive recruitment in China, “China is highlighted as a very high-priority market in the world, and there is always a huge appetite for knowledge and understanding of what’s happening in China concerning executive recruitment and trends.” 

He highlighted that the China market attracts talented and experienced executives. Currently, many Chinese executives based overseas plan to return to work in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, bringing with them valuable international experience. At the same time, many foreign experts are also keen to work for Chinese companies in key positions. “We take great pride in making these connections,” added Anthony.

According to Anthony, AI technology and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are among the most talked-about topics in the market. He explained, “Companies keep asking: is it the right time to invest in AI, and how much should I invest? How can we, as an organization, make a real difference in terms of ESG? How do organizations find expertise in that area? Page Executive is working hard to build a dedicated business that recruits talented ESG experts and connects them with clients to help them achieve their ESG goals now and into the future cross-border investment.”

On talent attraction and retention, Anthony shares that with the fluctuation of the economic environment, it is a challenge for many organizations to manage remuneration within the existing employee pool. It is necessary for companies to look at what sorts of remuneration should be offered to attract talent.

At the same time, companies should create an attractive employer value proposition (EVP), attracting more high-quality talent through creating a good working environment and work experience.

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