Jane Zhou, director of Michael Page Finance in Shanghai, shares the difficulties of being a working mum and her personal experiences in overcoming these challenges.

How is it like to be a working mum? 

Being a new mother has been tough, especially when you are not prepared. The most important lesson I have learnt is how to adapt and fit into the role. As a working mother, you will likely face a lot more challenges – you will probably doubt yourself and get very upset when you cannot cope. But you also need to believe that things will work out if you do something about it. Adopting better time management and learning from other working mothers who have been through the same journey before will help a lot.

What were some challenges that you successfully overcame?

My son’s kindergarten teacher once told me off because she thought that I was not doing enough to support him in finishing some of his tasks, which had impacted his confidence levels. My husband and I sat down to discuss this issue and we decided to each spend some time with our son to make sure that these tasks are properly done. 

What has helped you maintain work-life balance?

At work, I am relieved that my line manager and management team have showed flexibility when I needed to handle urgent issues at home. This reassures me that I am valuable to the business.

Having family support helped too. While being a working parent is tough, it is definitely not the end of the world. If you have decided to have children, I highly suggest you get yourself prepared and discuss with your spouse and other family members on the types of support you may need. Being a parent will likely change your life, shape you into a different person, or open up all kinds of new possibilities.

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