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Guangzhou job searching

Despite recent concern around China’s growth, the country’s economy remains resilient. In the recent 2016 Michael Page Greater China Employee Intentions Report, 44% of professionals across China described the current job market as average, and 36% called it good or very good—showing that across the country, there is a cautious optimism towards job opportunities.

Guangzhou’s key market is trading, with local firms focusing on footwear, apparel and house-wear. In conjunction, cross border e-commerce is booming, and employees in traditional retail industries are increasingly looking to the digital world for career progression, particularly in fast-growing Chinese companies.

The survey also showed 33% of employees1 expected a salary increase of above 21% when changing jobs—however, most Guangzhou-based companies intended to give 8-10% pay increases2, showing that Guangzhou professionals may have to adjust their salary expectations.


The Guangzhou job market

Due to the e-commerce boom, there is huge demand for candidates with an entrepreneurial mindset and local management experience. Sourcing and logistics skills are also in demand in many companies across Guangzhou.

The market is also seeing an influx of talent from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore; companies are drawn to the strategic mindset and cross-city experience offered by senior candidates from abroad.

Experienced, versatile professionals in Guangzhou will be in a strong position to find jobs, with employers seeking the best candidates to step in and help grow the business. With the economy continuing to expand, many companies are growing quickly and require skilled candidates to help them reach their goals for expansion.


Guangzhou job search advice

If you’re job seeking in Guangzhou, no matter what your industry or role type, here are our top tips for securing a job offer:


  • Make sure your CV is in good order. It should feature your work experience and your key skills clearly, and must be error-free.
  • Look into the current market rates for your role and be sure that the companies you are researching offer competitive salaries.
  • Ask for advice from a recruiter who can guide you through the job market and keep you up-to-date on the latest job openings.
  • Do your research before attending the interview—visit the company website and LinkedIn to ensure that you know their business and the roles of the people who are interviewing you.
  • Be ready to ask questions during your interviews. This shows you’re engaged and curious about the role and the company, and will make you stand out from others.
  • Before accepting a job offer, think about whether it will be a good fit for you in terms of work/life balance, salary, company culture and benefits.




1. Based on the Michael Page 2016 Greater China Employee Intentions Report
2. Based on the Michael Page 2016 Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook Report