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Views from Xu Weiwei, Director, Shanghai

Currently, Weiwei leads the Sales and Marketing, Digital, Retail and Sourcing as well as Property and Construction teams in Michael Page East China.


Can you comment on the current employment conditions for your sector/industry?

The overall employment market is healthy; most sectors have shown steady growth over the last 12 months. A few sectors have been particularly strong, including e-commerce, F&B and logistics properties.

In the property sector, newly built commercial projects are focusing on second tier cities, so candidates are increasingly required to be mobile. Local developers have also strengthened their shares in the market.

Traditional retail is facing challenges from the booming ecommerce industry and increased levels of shopping overseas. This spurs retailers to look for more innovative ways to combat this. Affordable luxury, middle-end fashion brands as well F&B have shown bigger growth plans than other retailers.

E-commerce is the hottest area for employment opportunities. However, the growth of the industry is far more advanced than talent supply. What this means is that qualified candidates are in high demand. The fast expansion of the e-commerce industry has also led to the growth of warehouse and logistics properties in mainland China.


What are you seeing in terms of the demand for skills and experience in your market?

Local Chinese talent with strong technical and soft skills is still sought after by employers in mainland China.

However, as the market matures, employers are paying more attention to the stability of a candidate’s career and are looking for a proven track record, in addition to what their motivations and expectations are.

Employers are also looking for the following skill sets:  

  • Merchandising and field coaching for the retail sector
  • Leasing and design for property industry
  • Digital and e-commerce
  • Product and brand management for marketing roles


How would you characterise the salary environment in Greater China?

The market practice remains the same as compared to previous years, with salary increments typically between the range of 15% to 30% when moving jobs. Areas with a shortage of candidates are seeing increases towards the high end of the range.


What does the employment market look like in the coming months?

The job market will still maintain healthy growth. Employers are also investing time and effort to develop training and development programmes in bid to retain their talent.