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Employment Conditions in Beijing and Northern China

In the North, the job market is positive, although slightly down from the high-growth trajectory of recent years. Most multinational corporations (MNCs) have entered a consolidation phase marked by moderate caution and are seeking efficiencies to ensure sustained long-term growth in an increasingly competitive market.

However, many privately held Chinese companies, such as Lenovo and Huawei, remain in expansion mode, although conditions do vary by industry. “Demand for workers in property and construction is weaker, owing to both the cyclical nature of the market and some legislative changes,” says Rupert Forster, Managing Director, North China. “Demand in procurement, supply chain and manufacturing is stable. Telecommunications, media, and technology remain strong, as does demand for good finance and HR professionals.”

It appears that demand for commercial and sales professionals in certain consumer-related sectors has deteriorated. One factor for this is that some of these businesses are moving head-office commercial roles further south. “They often maintain their corporate headquarters in Beijing, for easy access to key officials and regulators,” says Forster, “but we see many commercial roles moving to cities such as Shanghai.”

For full details see the 2015 Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook report.