About Us


目前,威孚公司正跨入一个崭新的发展阶段。依托“国家级企业技术中心”、“博士后科研工作站”、“国家高技术研究发展计划成果产业化基地”优势,公司正打造国内一流的汽车零部件工程测试中心,致力于汽车核心零部件新产品研发。改成“依托50余年” 所积累的技术、制造、采购、营销和管理优势,威孚人正以国际化的视野,创造性地集成优势资源,以高品质的产品与服务,满足客户高标准需求,以优秀的员工团队,打造中国汽车核心零部件领导品牌,向着“汽车(动力工程)核心零部件国内领军者”战略新目标奋勇迈进。

Weifu High-technology Group Co., Ltd. (WEIFU) is a well profitable company with  A and B shares. With a total capital of 10 billion RMB , over 5000 employees, thirteen wholly or mostly-owned subsidiaries and four joint ventures, WEIFU is appraised as one of the Top 500 enterprises in China. The product family includes air management system、fuel management system and after-treatment system, which are delivered to automobile OEMs and diesel engine manufactures not only in China but also in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and America. WEIFU possesses strong research and development capability, advanced manufacturing technology and a mature sales and service network, and still strives to further develop these advantages. Its main technical and economic indicators rank among the top in the industry for over 30 years. Its brands of oil pump and nozzle are praised as “famous Chinese brands”, and the trademark “XI”as Famous Trademark of China.

Currently, WEIFU has entered into a new era. With the National Enterprise Technology Center, Post-doctoral Research Station and Industrialization Site of National High Technology Research and Development Achievements, WEIFU is devoting to establish a top automobile components testing center and R&D of the new products of the main automobile components. Relying on the 50 years’ experience in technology, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing and management, with the global visions, we have creatively integrated all resources; we have high quality products and service to meet customers’various requirements and we have qualified and diligent employees, and we are now on the road towards to being a leading supplier of key components in automotive industry.