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About Us

Jiangsu Shenma Electric Co., Ltd (Nantong shenma electric technology co.,ltd) is a high-tech enterprise, a innovative enterprise established in 1996 in Jiangsu province. Through the technological innovation Shenma has successfully developed the products of hollow composite insulators, post composite insulators and composite bushings which had completely eliminated the potential safety hazard from the traditional products, and filled the international void. We have more than 160 patents in China, which are also been authorized by America, Japan ,India and take part in the establishment of the 5 national standards. On account of the enormous economic and social benefit brought by composite insulators in the markets, the composite insulators have been completely adopted in equipments which are applied in a lot of priority projects of State Grid and China southern power Grid. We put the entire composite insulator power station into realization and open the era of ceramic insulator being displayed worldwide, which has made China to be a global pacemaker in this core domain. Currently over 80% power transmission equipment manufacturers have established cooperative relationship with Shenma, and we have signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with ABB and ALSTOM groups. We will take “To be the most innovative new material Integrated service provider for electronic equipments” as our prospective, a century’s Standing Enterprise as our target, and we will insist on independent innovation, focus on sector issues, continue to do research of revolutionary substitution products with resource saving and environmentally friendly features to continuously promote the industry improvement.