About Us

METRO Cash & Carry is the leading international player in the self-service wholesale sector. Under the brands METRO and MAKRO it operates over 700 wholesale stores in 29 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

The wholesale stores offer a broad range of products and services customized to the specific demands of professional customers, such as hotel and restaurant operators, catering firms, independent small retailers, institutions and offices.

International expansion is an essential element of the corporate strategy. Since the early '90s, METRO Cash & Carry has grown from a Western Europe-based wholesale operator to a leading international player in self-service wholesale, operating more than 700 markets in 29 countries.

Especially in emerging markets METRO Cash & Carry benefits from the vibrant economic growth but also strives to promote local purchasing power and consumer demand.

The international expansion of METRO Cash & Carry is focused on the dynamic growth markets in Asia and Eastern Europe. About 21 million professional customers in 29 countries across 3 continents are served by the wholesaler under two brands METRO and MAKRO.