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Inner Mongolia Linkage Farm Frites Co., Ltd., founded in March, 2015, is a joint venture enterprise between Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Co., Ltd and Farm Frites in Holland, which aim to develop French Frites program.  With total investment of 755 million RMB, a modern processing plant would be built, and an international advanced processing line would be introduced in this program. In this processing plant, the annual processing potatoes would amount to 140000 tons and the annual capacity of french frites would reach to 70000 tons. At the same time, one of the international first class designing companies would be hired to make the design for the whole program, in order to meet modern ideal, international standard and the sample factory for the french frites in the world. Linkage has the guarantee from seed potato research to processing potato production and the scale of planting, while Farm Frites has about forties years experience in processing, technology, management and global markets. The two parties would share resources and take advantages for each other. Relying on their advantages and regarding the EU standard as the starting, Inner Mongolia Linkage Farm Frites Co., Ltd. would create the leading brand in Chinese potato leisure food.


内蒙古凌志法姆福瑞食品有限公司成立于 2015年3月,是由内蒙古凌志马铃薯科技股份有限公司与荷兰法姆福瑞(Farm Frites)公司共同出资设立的马铃薯速冻薯条加工项目。该项目总投资 75500万元,新建现代化加工厂一座,引进国际领先的薯条加工生产线一条,年生产速冻薯条7万吨,加工马铃薯鲜薯 14 万吨,同时聘请国际一流专业设计公司,对项目进行整体规划设计,最终将建成理念现代化、标准国际化的世界薯条样板工厂!凌志股份拥有从种薯研发到规模化种植的成熟体系保障;法姆福瑞(Farm Frites)拥有近40年的薯条产、技术、管理经验以及全球营销网络,双方资源共享、优势互补。凌志法姆福瑞食品,将以合资双方优势为基础,以欧盟标准为起点,努力打造中国马铃薯休闲食品优势品牌。