Michael Page

About Us

Who We Are. Development Dimensions International, or DDI, is one of the top talent management consultancies. Forty-five years ago, we pioneered the field; today we remain its chief innovator.

What We Do. We help companies transform the way they hire, promote and develop their leaders and workforce. The outcome? People ready to instigate, understand and execute business strategy, and address challenges head-on.

How We Do It. If you have ever had a leader you revered or marveled at how quickly a new hire came up to speed, you might very well be experiencing DDI at work. Often, we are behind the scenes, creating custom training or assessment that clients can roll out on their own. Other times, we are more visible, helping clients drive big changes in their organization. Always, we use the latest methods, based on science and the test of time.

Who We Do It With. Our clients are some of the most successful companies on earth. They're Fortune 500s and multinationals, doing business across a vast array of industries, from Shanghai to San Francisco and everywhere in between. We serve clients from 42 DDI-owned or closely-affiliated offices.