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Amway (China) Co., Ltd. (ACCL) commenced operation in 1995 with an investment now reaching US$235 million. Today, ACCL has become the largest affiliate within Amway’s worldwide business family. Headquartered in Guangzhou with two regional offices in Beijing and Shanghai, ACCL has 9,000 employees and offers a flexible business opportunity to more than 300,000 people. Its business in 2012 reached RMB27.1 billion and paid RMB7.6 billion in taxes.

ACCL has over 290 shops across China, and operates a 141,000 sq.m. state-of-the-art production facility in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District, and R&D facilities in both Guangzhou and Shanghai. ACCL manufactures 230 products under the categories of Nutrilite, Artistry, personal care, and home. ACCL attaches great importance to the quality of its products. ACCL has received the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management, ISO22000∶2005 certification for food safety management, the ISO14001:2004 certification for environment management, and the OHSAS 18001∶2007 for occupational health and safety management. The high quality products and a mature refund system of ACCL helped the company build up a large and loyal customer base. According to the market research made by AC Nielsen, the favorability of ACCL reached 86% respectively.

Business aside, ACCL gives back to the society generously, making positive changes in children philanthropy, environmental protection and volunteer service for over 10 years. As of today, ACCL has organized over 8,200 CSR activities for programs such as Sunshine in Winter, Amway Environmental Protection Theme Park and etc., Over 74,000 Amway volunteers nationwide have worked together and contributed more than 1.6 million service hours, benefitting 2.3 million children under the One by One Campaign for Children. In 2011, with the approval from Ministry of Civil Affairs, Amway China established the Amway Charity Foundation with RMB 100 million funds. The Foundation focuses on improving the nutrition and education of poor children and works to promote the children’s charity in China.

ACCL has gained broad recognitions from the society. It obtained about 5,800 honors and awards by the end of 2012, including China Charity Awards, Most Influential Multinationals in China and Most Responsible Corporation Award. ACCL has made into the list of Top 100 Enterprises with Foreign Investment by China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment for 7 times and the Top 100 Tax Payers by State Administration Of Taxation for 4 times. ACCL is active in social and public affairs. It holds the vice-chairmanship of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and is one of the premier members of China Center for International Economic Exchanges and the vice president of the China Health Care Association.



安利(中国)在广州经济技术开发区建有面积达14.1万平方米的现代化生产基地,在广州和上海设有研发中心,并在全国开设290多家店铺,生产、销售纽崔莱营养保健食品、雅姿美容化妆品、个人护理用品、家居系列等230多款产品。为确保产品品质、保障消费者权益,安利(中国)先后通过了ISO9001∶2008质量管理体系、ISO22000:2005食品安全管理体系、ISO14001∶2004环境管理体系及OHSAS18001:2007职业健康安全管理体系等多项国际权威认证,并制定有完善的退货保障政策。据国际知名调查公司AC Nielsen 的调查显示,2011年安利美誉度达86%。

在成功经营的同时,安利(中国)积极履行企业社会责任,截至2012年底,在儿童、环保、志愿者服务等领域,累计开展各类公益活动8,200多项,形成了安利环保嘉年华、冬日暖阳大行动等一批具有影响力的公益品牌项目,并在全国拥有7.4万名注册志愿者,累计志愿服务时间超过170万小时,依托安利全球 “爱心手牵手”关爱儿童大行动,安利(中国)已经帮助了230多万名儿童。2011年,经国家民政部批准,安利公司出资1亿元人民币成立安利公益基金会,重点从营养和教育两方面帮扶贫困儿童群体,推动中国儿童公益事业的发展。