R&D VP/Director- Medical Robot

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  • You'll be joining the company's core leadership team. 你将作为核心领导加入公司。
  • Opportunity to upgrade your know-hows of Medical Robots. 了解全球领先的医疗机器人技术


Within Healthcare and Med-Tech industry, our client has been running a mature and sizeable business whilst continuously driving fast growth. Particularly in Medical Robot industry, our client is equipped with world leading know-hows and is planning to further expand its business scope within China and internationally.



1. 参与制订公司经营发展战略规划,负责组织制定及执行公司产品研发战略规划;
Participate in the formulation of the company's business development strategic plan, and be responsible for organizing the formulation and implementation of the company's product development strategic plan;

2. 负责建立和优化研发体系、项目管理体系及产品产业化流程体系;建立和健全公司产品的规范化研制流程,全面负责公司所有产品的技术方向和总体规划;
Responsible for establishing and optimizing the research and development system, project management system and product industrialization process system; establishing and improving product's standardized research and development process, and fully responsible for the technical direction and overall planning of all company's products;

3. 负责研发产品优化工作与迭代升级,并成功转移给生产,确保产品质量在生产环节能顺利生产产品,实现产业化;
Responsible for the optimization of products research and development, upgrading products to the next generations, and successfully transferred to production, to ensure that the quality of products can be produced smoothly in the production process and realize industrialization;

4. 全面监控产品研发质量、进度和成本控制,并进行技术难题的攻关和预研;
Comprehensively monitor the quality, progress and cost control of product development, and conduct research and pre-research on technical problems;

5. 统筹产品研发、临床及注册工作,确保公司产品按时间节点拿到国内注册证书;
Conduct overall planning on product development, clinical and registration to ensure that the company's products get the domestic registration certificate within timeline;

6. 建立健全公司技术管理科研和新产品开发管理等规章制度,及时组织解决生产中的技术关键和重大技术问题;
Establish and improve rules and regulations on company technical management, scientific research and new product development and management, and organize and solve key technical and major technical problems in production in time;

7. 负责研发团队管理,组织领导研发团队进行研发项目的实施、进度调控,改进优化,成本核算及结题相关工作,科学制定组内员工的工作,并督促项目按期进行,同时为项目组提供必要的技术指导,确保研发产品能够符合国内外相关法规要求。
Responsible for R&D team management, organize and lead the R&D team to carry out R&D project implementation, schedule control, improvement and optimization, cost accounting and project conclusion-related work, scientifically formulate the team job duty, and supervise the project to proceed on schedule; and provide the project team with necessary technical guidance to ensure that R&D products meet the requirements of relevant domestic and foreign laws and regulations;

8. 利用自己的国际视野,参与引进国内外先进技术,产品,带领研发团队与国际技术接轨,负责打造符合公司战略需要的研发团队,重视员工培养及新知识新技术的交流与学习,不断提升员工研发能力并发展研发人才梯队。
Have an international perspective, be able to introduce advanced domestic and abroad technologies and products, be able to lead the R&D team in line with international technology, and responsible for building a R&D team that meets the company's strategic needs, encourage employee's training and exchange and learning of new knowledge and technology, and continuously improve employees R&D capabilities and develop R&D talent team;


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanics, electrical, and software, with professional knowledge in the fields of mechanics, hardware, algorithms, software, and graphics, and proficient in at least 3 fields mentioned above;
  • Experience in R&D and management of robots or complex automation products, strong technical decision-making capabilities, reasonable project division and risk management and control capabilities;
  • Have higher level of strategic thinking, predict team risks, and be able to monitor and manage;
  • Excellent capability of planning and execution, analysis and problem-solving, process management, communication and coordination; have experience in charge of medical robot research and development in the world/domestic top 500 companies, and have a influence and popularity in the subdivision field.


  • You'll be driving the business directions of a fast-growing medical robot company equipped with globally leading know-hows.
  • You'll be compensated with competitive salary schemes and stock options.
Jerome Zheng
+86 21 6035 3547


Jerome Zheng
+86 21 6035 3547