Asia CFO - Recycling Industry

北京市 全职 RMB1,500,000 - RMB2,000,000 年薪
  • Shaping Asia finance landscape with its European and American colleagues
  • Target MNC background candidate with global exposure


Rooted from Europe with 100 years plus operations globally and steady orders from long time partnered KAs;

While merged with Chinese listed company, this group has been enabled further development in the booming Chinese market, together with flourished emerging markets in Asia;

HQ in Beijing, equipped with European advanced technologies, existing clients globally, the group enjoyed a very much favored macro environment in which Chinese government is highly promoting "carbon neutriality" in the coming decade.


  1. Participate in the formulation of the company's development strategy, and provide support and advice on strategic planning. Improve the company's financial and capital management systems in Asia according to the company's strategy, and build an internal control system that meets the compliance requirements of listed companies;
  2. Coordinated the management and expenditure of the company's funds and carried out effective risk control and cost control. Be familiar with key business and allocate funds to support business development in Asia. Responsible for the maintenance, adjustment and calibration of the company's cash flow forecasting model. Responsible for the domestic and cross-border mobilization of the company's internal funds;
  3. Organize and lead the company's financial management, cash flow management, cost management, budget management, controlling, financial accounting, analysis and assessment in Asia, strengthen the company's KPI management to improve operational efficiency, and ensure the company's profit targets. Organize the formulation of the company's annual financial budget and final account. Moderate the company's annual budget meeting and monthly meeting. Understand the company's operating conditions, make reasonable cash flow deployment plan, provide financial data analysis, and provide valuable financial suggestions for business decisions;
  4. Participate in the company's investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions and other important business activities and projects in Asia region, responsible for due diligence, data collection and report preparation. Participate in the business negotiation of investment and financing projects, the structural design of projects, the decision-making and the formulation of plans. Be responsible for the safety of capital investment, control the cost and risk of investment, financing, merger and acquisition. Participate in the review of major economic contracts or agreements, as well as the analysis and decision-making of important economic issues. Be responsible for the development and implementation of appropriate financing plans for each project, reducing the cost of capital, coordinating the pre-loan and post-loan management, achieving the company's investment and financing income targets and credit control;
  5. Responsible for the relationship between the company and financial institutions and investment institutions, expanding diversified financing channels, expanding external cooperation, and comprehensively planning bond and equity financing;


  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting, finance, economy or law. CPA or senior accountant certificate needed;
  2. More than 15 years working experience in finance, more than 5 years working experience as CFO in large enterprises, or working experience in investment and financing institutions. Experience in listed company and customs is preferred;
  3. Good ability of financial analysis and decision: analysis of debt paying ability, operation ability, profitability, company's payment ability, capital liquidity, enterprise's sustainable development ability, enterprise's internal control system operation;
  4. Ability to build accounting system, fund management system and financial monitoring system with collectivized financial management as the core;
  5. Capable of researching and planning capital market operation: familiar with relevant policies, laws and regulations of capital operation to operate the company's capital market; capable of supporting and controlling all transaction processes in the process of introducing strategic investors;
  6. Rich experience in corporate capital planning, investment management, financing and capital operation. Have rich network with financing channels, government departments and financial institutions. Familiar with cross-border capital pool, onshore pledge and offshore loan operation, banking system and capital market of Mainland and Hong Kong;


- combined business nature of Chinese listed company and European century business where you could 1) put in use of your years of technical/communication skills developed from MNCs; 2) take 100% ownership of finance in Asia as you are heading APAC finance sitting with group HQ in Beijing

- convenient location with decent package

- shaping carbon neutrality of the future

Stella Zheng
+86 10 5969 0541


Stella Zheng
+86 10 5969 0541