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Why hire contract workers?

Contracting provides the most effective and efficient interim solutions to your workforce demands.  


We can create tailored short term or long term contracting services adjusted to suit business needs. If your organisation experiences a sudden change or a project finishes sooner than expected you do not have to maintain your Michael Page contractors, we can provide short notice periods and an assignment completion scheme that eliminates your risks. Given China’s market volatility, short-term contractors provide the ideal opportunity to assess market shifts and future needs and opportunities.

Project Hire

Bring in specialist skill sets or bolster a department in the short term. Experienced contractors can offer valuable consultation for critical projects; cover for a valued staff while they take a break; or be a much needed extra pair of hand during peak seasons and busy periods. 

Headcount Limitation

Whether you are a multinational corporate with a representative office in China or a local organisation that is struggling with headcount allocation, we can help you overcome these barriers by signing them under our talent services company.

Financial Savings

Hiring professionals on a contract basis can protect your bottom line as you only pay for the length of the assignment as opposed to signing them on as a permanent employee. Our payment plans allow you to pay as you go, rather than in one lump sum. In addition, there will be no headcount costs for assets brought to your team. There are also tax advantages to be gained from hiring contractors. 


The team at Michael Page contracting pride ourselves on a fast turnaround – typically within 48hours. We work with highly skilled contractors who are either immediately available or have short notice periods which means they can hit the ground running and add value straight away. We are offering an immediate solution – one that can have an immediate impact. 

Your dedicated Michael Page Contracting consultants are committed to matching the right professional to the right contract, dispatched or outsourced position. Call upon the expertise of the specialist team at Michael Page so we can begin creating a tailored contracting solution for your team.


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