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About Us

HOST - HSBC Operations, Services and Technology
We are a diverse and inclusive group of people who use our skills in operations, services and IT to help our Global Businesses provide the best services and products to our customers.

Working in HSBC Operations, Services and Technology
We are people with hopes and dreams who make ambitious plans for the future. We realise that these things bind us to each other, both as colleagues and as customers. We desire to prosper and see those around us succeed.

This drives use to provide our best each day so that we can help our colleagues in our Global Businesses connect customers to opportunities, enabling businesses to prosper and economies to grow.

What we do is simple:

  • Run customer service operations and business processes from contact centres to
    payments processing
  • Develop software and applications that underpin HSBC’s banking systems
  • Manage IT systems, infrastructure and support
  • Implement major strategic change programmes
  • Provide professional services such as procurement and real estate management
  • Managing HSBC’s global corporate real estate portfolio

We have five connected groups who collaborate toward the same aim: enabling the success of the business.

About Global Technology Centres
We are a team of technologists who develop and manage HSBC’s IT systems and technology infrastructure.

We develop, implement and support software and IT services and processes that allow HSBC to remain at the forefront of high-quality banking systems. We develop and maintain systems for the Global Businesses, as well as support functions such as Finance, HR and Risk. We work across a range of technology platforms and development disciplines, from mainframe to mobile technologies.

Our team includes software engineers and developers, architects, testers, IT and business analysts, consultants, and programme and project managers, as well as team leadership and management roles.

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We also manage the IT infrastructure and supporting services that are critical for HSBC’s employees and customers, including cost-efficient hardware, system software, middleware and databases, data centres, voice and data networks, ATMs, desktops and other devices.

We employ people in almost all the countries and territories in which HSBC operates. They work in five main areas: client services (managing the systems and software used daily by HSBC’s employees, and providing IT support), enterprise services and architecture, data centre management, project management, and risk and administration.